KunsthalCOOKING 2008

Festival for Real Taste

26 September to 28 September 2008
KunsthalCOOKING 2008 Archive

'The best culinary event of the year'

Kunsthal Rotterdam keeps on cooking! After successful episodes in 2004 and 2006 the third edition of the biennial cooking event called KunsthalCOOKING takes place during the last weekend of September. This Festival of Real Taste - which has grown out to become the utmost authoritative culinary event in the Netherlands - aims at having an audience, as diversely compound as possible, experience what exactly can be considered real flavour. High-quality products from dozens of small-scale producers make all those who enjoy and truly love good food aware of the existence of real quality and flavour. During three days full of tasting sessions, demonstrations and presentations, focus is on the list of ‘culinary monuments' from the Netherlands. KunsthalCOOKING 2008 is staged in both of the main halls of the Kunsthal, as a result of which the total capacity of this edition is nearly twice the size it was in 2006.

KunsthalCOOKING makes out a case for the ever growing group of consumers and producers who care about ‘fair food': products that have been cultivated with respect for the specific seasons and that are free of chemical herbicides and come with a guaranteed mark of origin. KunsthalCOOKING considers the latest developments in the food industry. Which products will be dished up for the consumer in ten years time? How much value is accredited to good food? During the Festival of Real Taste focus is on products prepared according to traditional methods. In a market hall the best of Dutch homegrown products are sold - from (farm) butter, cheese and eggs to ‘vegetables long-forgotten' and endemic fruit races, amongst which the so-called Zeeuwse Goudreinetten. From these genuine Dutch apples Baker Holtkamp from Maassluis will prepare the best apple pie in the country. Besides this, various exotic products are available and can be tasted.