It is possible to participate in the BankGiro Loterij (Dutch lottery) on behalf of the Kunsthal as an ‘earmarked’ organisation. This means that half of the purchase price for each lottery ticket goes to the Kunsthal. This way of playing offers participants the option of supporting their favourite museum while at the same time having the chance to win lottery prizes.

Procuring earmarked lottery tickets in collaboration with the Dutch BankGiro Lottery provides the Kunsthal with an important financial resource with which to finance exhibitions. BankGiro Lottery staff are often present at the Kunsthal to inform visitors about this.

Lottery participation

Participants who play ‘for the Kunsthal’ support the Kunsthal with their lottery ticket; €6 of the €12 ticket fee goes straight to the Kunsthal. There are 14 draws a year and a surprise draw in November. Taking part in the lottery is paid by single direct debit. Participation in the BankGiro Lottery can be cancelled immediately by telephone, post or via Internet. If you do not cancel, you will automatically participate every month.

About the BankGiro Loterij (Dutch lottery)

The BankGiro Lottery is the Dutch cultural lottery, with over 600,000 people participating in the Netherlands. By playing, they can win prizes and with half of the ticket fee support all types of culture in the Netherlands, from windmills to concerts and festivals, to museums. It is also possible to play the BankGiro Lottery and at the same time support one specific cultural institution.

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