22 May, 2016 14:00

Sunday 22 May from 2 PM till 3 PM, James Brett (founder of The Museum of Everything) will give a special Walk & Talk.

Only until this Sunday you can visit the 1,500 intense artworks of The Museum of Everything. Afterwards, the travelling circus of ‘unintended, undiscovered and untrained’ artists will break up their tents. Next stop might be even as far as Tasmania, so don’t miss it now!
The New York Times praised the ‘expansive show of undersung artists’, and NRC (‘It’s as though you’ve just tumbled through Alice’s rabbit-hole and have ended up in a magical parallel universe’) gave four stars to the biggest survey of so-called Outsider Art ever exhibited in Europe.

The English spoken tour is free of charge upon display of a valid Kunsthal admission ticket. 

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Final Tour of Everything, Kunsthal