Niels Broszat

Nov. 1, 2012 – Jan. 20, 2013 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
For the sixth edition of Kunsthal Light, to be held in honour of the museum's 20th anniversary, the Kunsthal appealed to young artists who might wish to take part. A proposal by Niels Broszat (1980) was selected from a large number of entries.

Exclusively for the display window along the museum's front slope, the Kunsthal will be creating a surrealistic maritime scene using charcoal on four large pieces of cardboard.  Broszat's work reveals something of the world of make believe. He is inspired by centuries-old fantasy figures like knights, elves, fairies, princes, dragons and nymphs, but his work also fits in seamlessly with today's contemporary art.

Niels Broszat

Niels Broszat was born in Mettingen (Germany) and studied first at the Grafisch Lyceum (Dutch art & design college) in Utrecht before going on to the art academy in The Hague (the KABK). Broszat has taken part in various major exhibitions including ‘7-up' in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (The Hague Municipal Museum)(2007-2008). His work has been purchased by clients including the Caldic Collection.

kunsthal light #6

Kunsthal Light

‘Cardboard' by Niels Broszat is part of the Kunsthal Light programme. This programme puts the spotlight in particular on modern muralists and urban, graffiti and comic artists. Three times a year for a period of eight weeks, the Kunsthal makes the display window along the museum's front slope available to an artist who is free to adorn the area as he or she wishes. The glass wall of the display window allows the general public to view the artist's work from outside the museum. American artist Ben Merris designed a ‘Cave Painting' especially for the first edition in 2011. Spanish artist Nacho Simal created a mural entitled ‘The Pencil and the Crow' for the second edition, and for the third edition, South African artist Susan Opperman made the mural ‘Skyndood &Niemandswoord'. In the spring of 2012, as part of the fourth edition of Kunsthal Light, Sam Peeters painted his interpretation of the traditional Bible story of the brothers Cain and Abel.  The fifth edition of Kunsthal Light featured the graphic sticker work ‘Fleck upon Fleck upon Fleck' by Johan Boer.

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