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July 14, 2018 – Aug. 26, 2018
All You Can Art 2. Photo: Marco De Swart
After two successful editions, this summer the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao is back in the Kunsthal Rotterdam with All you can Art for the third time. All you can Art 3 is a studio, exhibition and summer school all in one, in which everyone has the opportunity of following the master-apprentice principle to make art, to learn and to discover.

Every day the IBB founders and artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha make new work with various social practice artists and the public present in the studio. That work forms a part of the constantly expanding exhibition. All you can Art 3 includes various successful formulae from the previous editions such as the Think Tanks and pre-master classes as well as the Summer School. The collaboration initiated last year with three Rotterdam partners in the care sector and education is also being continued so that the Kunsthal and IBB can involve special target groups in the project. A new feature of All you can Art 3 is a mobile studio that enters the neighbourhoods of Rotterdam to reach more people and to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and meetings between cultures.

For six weeks David Bade, Tirzo Martha, former IBB artists in residence Liesbeth Labeur and Rieneke de Vries and former IBB students Elvis Chen and Roxette Capriles are holding a studio in the Kunsthal. They make new artworks together with the public and partners and teach the Summer School students. A space for open debate in which art academies are also involved offers scope for Think Tanks and pre-master classes as well as an opportunity to engage in discussion with one another. The social component of All you can Art – the deployment of art and imagination to bring different nationalities and target groups together – ensures an exchange of stories and ideas between artists and numerous other target groups such as the elderly, homeless young people, ex-addicts, advanced secondary professional education students, Summer School students and the public in the Kunsthal studios. The IBB wants to bring the development of talent within reach of everyone at every level.

Rotterdam partners in health and education 

The collaboration with three Rotterdam partners – Stichting Laurens (care for the elderly), Het Zuiderpark College (advanced secondary professional education) and Antes (psychiatry and care for addicts) – is being continued again this year. The artists hold an extra studio with one of the partners where they work for a couple of weeks with the residents, students or patients. This setting provides scope for the exchange of knowledge, stories, cultures and skills. The Summer School students are also involved in the artistic process and acquire experience with working in a social context on various locations. In this way the students work on improving their skills in a broader frame of reference for art and creativity.

Into the neighbourhoods  with the mobile studio

Besides collaborating with partners in health care and education, this edition of All you can Art takes a further step to reach people in Rotterdam. Throughout the summer a mobile studio will move from one location to another, visiting cultural events in the city or local initiatives in shopping or neighbourhood centres in, for example, the Afrikaanderwijk. Entirely in accordance with IBB practice, residents, passers-by and visitors to the event are approached and stimulated to join in working on artworks in or around the mobile studio or to exchange ideas. This mobile studio is manned by various artists, Summer School students and participants from the partner locations. The activities of the mobile studio can be followed online in the Kunsthal.

Summer School and admission Saturday 19 May 2018

Creative talents from the age of 14 years from every background and level of education can enrol for the All you can Art Summer School 2018. Starting on Tuesday 17 July, thirty promising young people are offered the opportunity to devote six weeks to their artistic development. All the students experiment, collaborate and debate under the supervision of well-known artists.

Enrolment for the All you can Art Summer School 2018 takes place on Saturday 19 May. The candidates are asked to bring a portfolio with them, to write a motivation, and to submit a work on which they will be able to present a short pitch. For more information on the Summer School and admission go to

With All you can Art, the Kunsthal explores new forms of presentation and  stimulates public participation and talent development. Previous projects have been do it (Kunsthal Rotterdam), Kunsthal MaakMee and All you can Art 1 and 2.


All You Can Art 2. Photo: Marco De Swart
All You Can Art 2. Photo: Laurens Delfshaven
All You Can Art 2. Photo: Laurens Delfshaven
All You Can Art 2. Photo: Antes
All You Can Art
Kick off Summerschool. Photo: Laurens Delfshaven
Kick off Summerschool. Foto: Laurens Delfshaven
Kick off Summerschool. PHoto: Laurens Delfshaven
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