Annette Meyer

Jan. 31, 2009 – May 24, 2009 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
In the design gallery Kunsthal Rotterdam presents the installation ICON DRESSED by the Danish-Dutch artist Annette Meyer, a poetic recreation of fourteen silhouettes based on female fashion from the past two centuries.

On various mannequins, whose posture, hair-do and make-up further intensify the female image of the specific period, fourteen hand-made paper dresses are presented.
The floral motives on the paper are derived from the botanical handbook Flora Danica from1648.

All dresses have their own specific cut and show the dress styles for women from the year 1800 up to now: from the French empire dress to the A-line from the sixties and from the Romantic German evening gown from 1830 to the ultra-short skirt from the eighties. 

01 - ICON DRESSED, German Early Romantic Evening Gown, 1830,  Justin Hummerston - LR.jpg


04 - ICON DRESSED, American Powersuit, Skirt and Jacket, 1980 - LR.jpg
02 - ICON DRESSED, English Late Victorian Gown, 1880 - Justin Hummerston - LR.jpg