Camille Bombois (1883-1970)
A modern primitive master

March 25, 2006 – June 11, 2006 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
One of the foremost representatives and founders of naive painting, Camille Bombois (1883-1970), will be on show with over 100 paintings. These works have been selected from the more than 4,000 contained in the renowned Charlotte Zander collection, the world's largest and most important collection of Art Brut and naive art.

Camille Bombois paints with elementary force and poetic imagination. Figures and scenes are shown revering the grotesque with great intensity. In brilliantly coloured hilarious scenes, Bombois scoffs at the academic rules of composition, proportioning and the use of colour. This creates an entirely new world that directly challenges the viewer's perceptions. Bombois paints uninhibitedly, constructing his own pictorial reality.

From the leading collection of Charlotte Zandler

Modern artists like Picasso were strongly attracted to the forceful and unconventional visual language of such naive painters as Rousseau and Bombois. Wilhelm Uhde, the celebrated art critic who coined the term 'naive art' in the early 1920s, orchestrated the breakthrough of these 'Peintres du Coeur sacré' (Painters of the Sacred Heart), as Henri Rousseau, Camille Bombois, Louis Vivin and André Bauchant were known.

Camille Bombois - La laveuse, 1923.jpg
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