Enter at your peril!

Sept. 16, 2006 – March 4, 2007 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
Dinosaurs have always held a fascination for succeeding generations of the human race. Relics of these huge creatures that lived up to 65 million years ago are still being found. Each year, new discoveries are made and theories rewritten.

It remains a mystery, however, why these giant animals became extinct. The Kunsthal will now be resurrecting several varieties of dinosaur.

'The Kunsthal changes in a hands-on Jurassic Park

Impressive, life-size moving dinosaurs, a gigantic sandpit in which children can dig up fossils and ingenious skeletons will transform the Kunsthal into a hands-on Jurassic Park. In this ambitiously conceived family exhibition, visitors will come face-to-face with life-size dinosaurs. Enter at your own peril.....



The Kunsthal will be taking visitors on an expedition back to a world between 65 million years ago (the Cretaceous period) and 220 million years ago (the Triassic era). An eerie park with animatronic models will make many a heart beat faster. The exhibition interlaces fun and excitement with scientific fact and history. Where and when did this colossal monster live? How many different species do we know of? What did dinosaurs eat? What exactly does a palaeontologist do and what are the scientific facts based on? Considerable finds and fossils that have been unearthed provide considerable information about how various dinosaur species lived and what they looked like. Visitors follow in the footsteps of a palaeontologist, experiencing a discovery from start to finish, from the excitement of digging up a real dinosaur to putting it together like a giant jigsaw puzzle and reconstructing it. Each fossil is a piece of evidence that the palaeontologist uses to make this puzzle, to reassemble the pieces and gather the information on which to base a theory.