Colourful World of Interior, Art & Design

Sept. 23, 2006 – Sept. 24, 2006 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
EXOTA! - Colourful World of Art, Interior & Design presents a vibrant mix of world cultures in a tasteful event. A unique art fair spiced with lectures, music, exotic food and drinks. Galleries, art dealers and artists present the best from Africa, Asia and Latin America. EXOTA! fine art for nice people!

What is EXOTA! ?

With EXOTA! the Kunsthal Rotterdam invites high-quality galleries, art dealers, art importers and artists to present the best in their specialism from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The finest objects from cultures from all corners of the world will be available for the public to see and possibly purchase. The fair will attract collectors as well as the professional field and a new (atypical art) public. For the Netherlands EXOTA! is unique: a high-quality exhibition for ethnographic and tribal art for a broad target group did not yet exist.  

First edition of non-western art fair


A first exploration amongst gallery owners, artists and others involved shows not only that the professional field has a lot to offer. It also makes clear that the public has considerable interest in an event like EXOTA! As a result of exploring new countries through travel, the general interest for exotic art has increased, from enthralling jewellery and furniture to colourful textile and tribal art. Another important reason to initiate EXOTA! is that there seems to be a need amongst 'new Dutch citizens' to explore their cultural past. A rise in this group's social status goes hand in hand with the purchase of objects that emphasise this status while also expressing one's cultural identity. EXOTA! sets out to fulfil this need.


Some 30 national and international participants will exhibit their collection of ethnographic and tribal art during EXOTA! Amongst others, Chinese furniture of Antique Express, Oriental jewellery by René van der Star, African objects by Kathy van der Pas/ Steven van der Raadt, and a new highly and very specific collection for the market from the Pacific Ocean by Galerie Delta. Also on display are Indian glass and textile, ceramics from Morocco, antique carpets and contemporary art and photography from China.

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