Face to Face
Francois & Jean Robert

June 22, 2007 – Sept. 9, 2007 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
Have you ever noticed that daily objects have got faces?

The Swiss designers François and Jean Robert have.

The Kunsthal displays their collection of photographs and daily objects, in which you can discover a face, when you observe them long enough. Plugsockets and corkscrews will come alive, they wink, are depressed or even aggressive. 

1. François en Jean Robert - tas - Beelddrager - LR.jpg

Once captured by the idea that every object hides noses, eyes and mouths, it is hard to stop. Every new discovery is a pleasant surprise and confirms the idea that the environment communicates with you.

Face to Face is an exhibition for the whole family and a visual adventure that can give you fun for a lifetime.

7. François en Jean Robert - Behangmes.jpg