Fair Fashion
Fashion Design with Worldly Fabrics

Jan. 17, 2009 – March 15, 2009 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
The exhibition Fair Fashion at the Kunsthal Rotterdam puts on display ten surprising fashion collections by young promising designers, based on traditional fabrics from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Forty-five experimental designs show that encountering foreign cultures stimulates creativity. Unexpected combinations and exciting details can be seen in the sporty hooded shirts made from transparent Indian silk, in the men's collection consisting of items from colourfully printed West African cotton and in the elegant evening gown made from flashy fabrics from the Peruan Andes. All creations are the result of an annual international design contest, organized by the German charity organization Welthungerhilfe.

Cultural Wealth

Fashion speaks all languages. Uniform or jeans, evening gown or mini skirt, sarong, burqa or djaleba - it is through our clothes that we show our identity to others. Members of the organisation called Welthungerhilfe have asked young students from renowned German schools and academies of fashion design to design wearable and fashionable clothes made from fabrics originating from countries where this organization is currently active - such as Mali, Peru and India.

International Fashion Contest

With the fashion contest ‘Weltgewänder' (World Garments) Welthungerhilfe pays attention to the cultural wealth of the developmental countries they are actively involved in. The exhibition Fair Fashion presents the best fashion designs that were produced for the second version of World Garments which was organised by Welthungerhilfe in 2007.

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