KunsthalKOOKT II
Festival of Real Taste

Sept. 29, 2006 – Oct. 1, 2006 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
For the second time the Kunsthal will be transformed into the 'Rungis of Rotterdam', a mustering point for Real Taste just like Paris. Under the title 'KunsthalCOOKING, Festival of Real Taste', the Kunsthal will be presenting an all-new event lasting three days and nights, highlighting the cultural aspects of eating and drinking during which honest food, traditional products, small-scale producers and regional specialities will determine the content.

This elaborate event, which is to take place across a number of halls at the Kunsthal, will include demonstrations, tastings, discussions and debates. The aim is to save culinary traditions and old-fashioned, small-scale ways of preparing food and drink from extinction by combining culture and the culinary arts, and prompting a process of awareness among a wide audience. Culinary monument list KunsthalCOOKING is all about moveable cultural goods that are often only known locally. Together they form a culinary monument list that is to be presented and tasted during KunsthalCOOKING.

Second edition of food fair KunsthalCOOKING

The guests include domestic and foreign producers of traditional bread, raw milk farmyard cheeses, organically grown vegetables and fruit allowed to grow until perfectly ripe. There will also be butchers and chefs who work with animals kept outside and allowed to eat well before being slaughtered. KunsthalCOOKING is an event that focuses on honest food, on products grown with respect for the seasons, free from chemical pesticides and of guaranteed origin. 'The industry' is also involved, in its search for safe alternatives in response to BSE, swine fever and salmonella. 

 KunsthalCOOKING looks at the latest developments. What will people be eating in ten years' time? What is the food of the future? How much value is placed on a good diet? The KunsthalCOOKING event is highly innovative and unprecedented in the museum world. Rotterdam, the fastest growing catering city in the Netherlands, is the ideal location for a large-scale culinary show. There are two comparable events in other countries: the biannual Salone del Gusto in the Linghotto cultural centre in Turin and FOODING, l'art de manger et de cuisiner, held in Paris.

KunsthalCOOKING, Festival of Real Taste is an initiative of the Kunsthal Rotterdam with guest curator Ellen Scholtens, a culinary journalist with the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

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