Is my husband called Henk?
Alzheimer in the picture. Peter Granser

Sept. 3, 2016 – Dec. 11, 2016 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
Observation 19
© Peter Granser, Kunsthal Rotterdam
With the exhibition ‘Is my husband called Henk?’, the Austrian photographer Peter Granser opens the window onto a world that is unknown to many. We think we can grasp it, but we can only touch it.

Granser’s portraits of Alzheimer patients are aesthetic, but they do not deny the dark side of living with the disease. The photographer tries to freeze time by recording what is still there. But there is a huge abyss separating the spectator’s gaze from the person portrayed.

It is a story about loss, about forgetting existence, but thanks to Granser’s lens it is above all a story of dignity.

04_Peter Granser_Portrait 03_Heet mijn man Henk_KunsthalRotterdam.jpg
Portrait 03, © Peter Granser, Kunsthal Rotterdam