Obvious Classics #1
27 Prada t-shirts

Aug. 7, 2007 – Sept. 30, 2007 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
First displayed as large-scale projections during the Prada Men's Spring/ Summer 07 show, these provocative and insightful ‘billboards from the future' are now the basis for an exclusive t-shirt collaboration between Prada and AMO, the think tank of the architect Rem Koolhaas.

In the future you can inject your dreams, surf lava flows, take a pill to give you style and choose the gender of your child.

Mock society

The Obvious Classics # 1 T-Shirts are a playful comment on the fears and desires shaping our accelerated culture and a tongue-in-cheek view of where our lifestyle choices may lead us in a not too distant, fully globalised, interconnected future.

Subverting the classic language and imagery of advertising and the internet and making close reference to political and social issues such as climate control, genetics and cultural identity, AMO have remixed a series of invented products, brands and corporate identities into ‘subverts' from a mock future society.

The "Obvious Classics # 1" collection will comprise 27 different printed designs on white cotton and will be available in just 22 selected stores worldwide.