The Splendour of Anatolia
The Unknown Turkey

Feb. 2, 2008 – June 1, 2008 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
Come along on a voyage of discovery to Anatolia and become acquainted with the rich and diverse culture of Turkey! In an attractive overview Kunsthal Rotterdam shows rare kelims (hand woven rugs), various completely furnished nomadic tents, a traditionally harnessed camel and attractive film material of a culture that is slowly disappearing.

 It is for the very first time that the daily life of nomadic families in Anatolia is paid attention to at such a large exhibition. The colourful kelims, which are part of an internationally renowned private collection, brings the nomadic culture to life. For just a little while the world of Anatolia comes to Rotterdam.

The last Nomads

Anatolia stretches out east of the Bosporus. In the mountainous areas various nomadic peoples live, amongst whom the Turkmanians, Yurucks and the Kurds are best known. These nomads keep sheep, goats and camels. From the wool produced by their cattle, the utmost beautiful bags, tents, carpets and kelims with forceful designs are woven.
The geometrical patterns on the kelims are prototypical for Islamic art. Often, they have been within the community for centuries and are passed on from mother onto daughter. How many generations are still to come is the question, as the existence of nomads is seriously threatened. Economic changes and political turmoil cause a need for these sections of the population to settle in villages. It is because of this development that an age-old culture and its specific traditions and customs is about to disappear.

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Children's Day

On Wednesday the 23rd of April children up to 12 years old have free entrance at the Kunsthal on Turkish national Children's Day!

Exhibition design

architects Dick van Gameren and Bjarne Mastenbroek


'Nomads in Anatolia', Harald Böhmer publisher, (ISBN 9783936713030)

Media partner

Zaman International Newspaper

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