Wrong? Not at all!
COC Rotterdam - 60 years

Oct. 20, 2007 – March 2, 2008 Deze tentoonstelling is afgelopen
To celebrate the foundation of COC Rotterdam 60 years ago, the Kunsthal presents an exhibition called "Wrong? Not at all!" dealing with the turbulent history of homosexuality. An eye-opener to all - whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, gay or somewhere in between.

Unique fragments of film, photos and paintings provide us with an extensive image of the development of gay culture worldwide.

Wrong? Not at all!

In a varied presentation, through film, photography and art, various aspects of gay culture are dealt with - ranging from the battle for the emancipation of homosexuals since the Stonewall Riots in 1968 up to a overview of all Gay Prides in 2007. The Hall of Fame exhibits portraits of various famous gay heroes, amongst which Truman Capote and Boy George. The Dark Room tells about the absolute horror of the persecution of homosexuals during the Nazi-period, and about aids. In "out of the closet" various people talk about finding out about and revealing their own sexual inclination. From Gay Jukeboxes typically gay and lesbian music can be heard and hits from the Gay Top 40 can be sung karaoke style. Also in various works of art the love for one of the same sex has been expressed throughout the centuries. On display at the exhibition are, amongst others, pictures of lesbians from the collection of the American artist Cynthia Craigon, as well as a pen and ink drawing by Rubens and special Asian wood carvings from the eighteenth century.

The stormy history of homosexuality, an eyeopener for everyone

Cultuur en Ontspannings Centrum (COC) - Centre for Culture and Recreation

In 1946 the COC was founded, followed by the setting up of COC Rotterdam one year later. As a result of the social condemnation of homosexuality, the world's oldest gay association was forced to hide behind the name of COC, Cultuur en Ontspannings Centrum, which can be translated into Centre for Culture and Recreation. In the sixties, the COC opened discos for homosexuals and protested against the prohibition of homosexuality. Its battle for years on end resulted in the abolishment of the ban in the seventies. Internationally the Netherlands lead the way in worldwide acceptance of homosexuality with the acknowledgment of the homosexual marriage in 2001. Nevertheless, it is still not possible for homosexuals to come out for their sexual inclination whenever and wherever. "Wrong? Not at all!" is a remarkable period document of a minority still struggling for recognition and acceptance worldwide.


COC Rotterdam

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