19 March, 2022 - 20 March, 2022

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March Kunsthal will be presenting Intertwine, a surprising encounter between dance by Justin de Jager of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Alexander Calder’s art. The first is a young choreographer, a pioneer in ‘threading’, a dance style derived from breakdance. The second was a revolutionary artist, a pioneer in artworks that can move. In Intertwine the two hugely different artforms will come together in a natural way.

Especially for the exhibition Calder Now, Justin de Jager created the new work Intertwine. He had noticed a striking resemblance between Calder’s mobile wire sculptures, which move in different ways and constantly offer new perspectives, and his own style of dancing. Intertwine will be performed amidst the work of Calder and that of the contemporary artists also participating in the exhibition, with De Jager creating a continuous flow for his dance in search of openings and new shapes. He thus treats the viewer to a hypnotising spectacle with an endless thread of detailed movements.


Together with filmmaker Justin Bekker, Justin de Jager also produced a special film version of Intertwine that takes the viewer on a journey past the artworks in the exhibition Calder Now. In the film, three additional dancers are performing the same movements. This results in a fascinating game that plays with the viewer’s perception. The film will premiere on Saturday 19 March at 15:00 hrs at the Kunsthal Auditorium, including an introduction by the makers, Justin de Jager and Justin Bekker. The premiere can also be followed via a livestream. 
On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March, the choreography will be performed live by Georgia Mourant, Miriam-Diana Abrudan, and Soleil de Jager.


14.00 hrs Premiere of the live performance of Intertwine in the exhibition Calder Now
15.00 hrs Premiere of the film Intertwine in the presence of the makers
16.00 hrs Live performance of Intertwine in the exhibition Calder Now


14.00 hrs Live performance of Intertwine in the exhibition Calder Now
16.00 hrs Live performance of Intertwine in the exhibition Calder Now


Attending the live performance and film premiere with Artist Talk is free of charge upon presentation of a valid Kunsthal entry ticket. 


Justin de Jager
18 min.
Sound composition
Andreas Tegnander
Costume design
Petra Finke i.s.m. Justin de Jager
Georgia Mourant, Lorenzo Cimarelli, Miriam-Diana Abrudan, Nico Amenduni, Soleil de Jager, Ruochen Wang

Intertwine in the exhibition Calder Now
Intertwine in the exhibition Calder Now

Justin de Jager

The young choreographer Justin de Jager is quickly making a name for himself in the dance world. Although he started out as a breakdancer, his interest in other styles of movement also led him to contemporary dance. He is specialised in ‘threading’, a style derived from breakdance, but is constantly pushing the artistic boundaries of that style. During a thread, the dancer creates an opening by connecting several body parts and subsequently passing through that opening yet another body part. De Jager studied modern dance at several dance academies, but has been following his own route, completely immersing himself in ‘threading’, since 2018. In 2019 he won the people’s choice award at the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC), and first prize in AmsterDans in the ‘Emerging dance duets’ category. In 2020 he received the Leo Spreksel Award. He has furthermore worked extensively with the Canadian choreography Emma Portner. He toured the country with the production ‘And the Rest is Nois e’ by the Fractal Collective of which he is one of the co-choreographers and dancers. In 2019 he created the piece ‘Carried Alive’ for Scapino. In March 2022 he will be launching his new production ‘What is Love’, in collaboration with director Casper Vandeputte, Theater Utrecht, and Dox.

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