Your visit to this page shows the importance of your privacy and our use of cookies. In this cookie statement we share more about our policy and how the different types of cookies are operating on our website. You can change your cookie preferences at any time.


How do our cookies work?

When using our websites, and, cookies are placed on your device. Cookies are simple text files stored by your browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone that contain information. The website instructs the browser you use to view websites to store these cookies on your computer. When you visit one of our websites for the first time, we will ask you to allow cookies. If you do not want to, you can refuse cookies that are not necessary for the operation of our websites or block them via your web browser, unless we have a legitimate interest in using them. Most parts of our websites will then remain readable. 

What data do these cookies collect?

The cookies we use are different in nature and therefore collect different data about you, such as your browser type, IP address, date and time of your visit or data about the device you use to visit our website. The data that we collect through the use of cookies cannot be (directly) traced back to you. We will also not (actively) compare these data with other data at our disposal to establish your identity. This cookie statement informs you about the different categories of cookies we use. However, we would like to point out that our websites also uses cookies that may share your personal data with third parties. It is not excluded that third parties identify you and link certain data to you. For this we advise you to consult the privacy and cookie declarations of the third parties concerned.

The Kunsthal websites use different types of cookies:

1. Functional cookies

Functionele cookies zijn noodzakelijk om onze websites goed te laten functioneren. Deze cookies worden gebruikt om de websites gebruikersvriendelijker te maken door het gedrag van de bezoeker bij te houden en bepaalde voorkeuren op te slaan.

Functional cookies we use:

  • django_language (at remembers your language choice for the website;
  • popup (at remembers your preferences for cookie settings;
  • CookieConsents1585699200 (at remembers your preferences for cookie settingsdjango_language (op

2. Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to keep statistics on the use of our websites. Kunsthal uses Google Analytics for this purpose. This enables us to measure, for example, how many visitors come to the websites, where they come from and which pages are visited. For more information, please read Google's Privacy Policy.

Analytical cookies we use:

  • _dc_gtm_UA-# (at does not collect information from or about you;
  • _ga (at and creates a user ID to which statistical data can be linked;
  • _ga_# (at records how often you visit the website and when you first and last visited the website
  • _gat (at and does not collect information from you;
  • _gid (at and creates a user ID to which statistical data can be linked;
  • collect (at sends data to Google Analytics regarding your device and your use of the website. Additionally, keeps track of which different devices and channels you use.

In order to minimize the impact of the use of Google Analytics cookies on your privacy and to ensure that your data is only processed by Google to measure the visit and use of our websites, we have taken the following measures:
i.    we have concluded a data processing agreement with Google, which includes agreements on the use of your data;
ii.    we have taken measures to ensure that only a very limited part of your IP address is transmitted to Google;
iii.    we have taken measures to ensure that your data will not be shared with Google and may not be processed by Google for its own purposes or used to show you targeted ads;
iv.    we have taken measures to ensure that Google does not have the ability to combine your browsing behavior from different devices and multiple sessions;
v.    we do not use other Google services in conjunction with Google's analytical cookies.

If you prefer not to have Google Analytics use your data, Google recommends installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for your web browser. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on allows visitors (with the most common browsers) to prevent their data from being collected and used by Google Analytics. 

3. Tracking (advertising) cookies 

Tracking cookies are cookies that are used to gain more insight into your preferences and interests. By enabling these cookies, the ads you see can be tailored to your personal preferences and interests and the ads shown to you can be optimized.

Tracking cookies we use:

  • ads/ga-audiences (at stores that you have visited our website and records factors about you that can make our advertisements relevant to you;
  • GUID#32 (at creates an ID that will be associated with you to record your online activities.

Google Adwords
We use the Google AdWords remarketing service (on This service uses the information obtained from tracking cookies and shows you our ads when they are of interest to you on third-party websites. These cookies will not be placed if you do not give your consent via our cookie banner. Also, you can always opt out of Google Adwords by visiting the Google Ads Settings page.

Third party cookies 
Facebook & Instagram: we also use the Facebook pixel (on These external cookies ensure that Facebook and Instagram advertisements are shown that match your interests and website behaviour on our website. 
Youtube & Vimeo: our website ( also shows videos provided by third parties such as Youtube and Vimeo. These third parties place embedded cookies that make it possible to show the videos to you. 

The use of third-party cookies is subject to the privacy and cookie policy of the company concerned. View the privacy policies of Meta (Facebook/instagram), Youtube (Google), Vimeo.

For more information on how Kunsthal handles your personal data, please see our Privacy Statement.

This cookie statement was originally drafted in Dutch. If any inconsistency exists between this version and the Dutch version, the Dutch text will prevail over the English text.

Kunsthal & Cookies
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