Kunsthal Rotterdam closely collaborates with UrbanGuides for the purpose of offering guided tours of the various Kunsthal exhibitions. A group tour by UrbanGuides can be requested via the UrbanGuides website. After receiving the booking, UrbanGuides will inform the Kunsthal of the group’s visit.

The following guided tours can be booked via UrbanGuides

  • Guided tours of a main exhibition in Dutch, English, or German. Costs: € 75 for a group of up to 15 people;
  • Guided tours of the building about the Kunsthal architecture. Costs: € 85 for a group of up to 15 people;
  • Made-to-measure guided tours for groups of students, companies, or organisations. These guided tours are especially tailored to the group’s field of interest. Costs: € 125 for a group of up to 15 people.

All mentioned prices include VAT. The Kunsthal admission fee is not included in the price of the guided tour.


If you would you like to organise a guided tour of an exhibition yourself, the following conditions will apply:

  • Groups should not exceed 15 people;
  • The group should be registered at the Kunsthal via the registration form, at least two weeks in advance;
  • Guided tours organised by the Kunsthal take priority over guided tours organised by external parties;
  • The Kunsthal will first assess whether the preferred time of this guided tour can be incorporated in its own schedule of guided tours;
  • After the date and time have been confirmed by us, the guided tour can take place on the agreed date and time;
  • In case the guided tour is cancelled for whatever reason, we would like to be informed of this as soon as possible.
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