The Kunsthal regularly organises performances, symposiums, lectures, film screenings and workshops in the Auditorium. During events such as Museum Night and KunsthalFAMILIYdays, the Kunsthal becomes a meeting place for everyone; a ‘Palais des Festivals’, just as architect Rem Koolhaas originally intended it to be.

The characteristic upward-sloping hall with its colourful Matrix Krueger chairs and striking slope has a seating capacity of over 300. The continuous, spiral-shaped route that links together all the different areas of the Kunsthal guides visitors through the Auditorium.

5_SYTYCW contest.jpg
So You Think You Can Walk Contest, exhibition S.H.O.E.S., February 2014
A genuine Rotterdam Palace of culture
Vers Beton
1/8 Kunsthal Family Day, exhibition Rudolf Steiner, September 2014
2/8 Of Varied Plumage Festival, exhibition Andries Beeckman, May 2014
3/8 Reopening Kunsthal Rotterdam with The Kik, February 2014
4/8 Shoe exchange event during Museumweekend, April 2014
5/8 Quintis Ristie in discussion with young Rotterdam photographers, exhibition My Rotterdam, September 2014
6/8 Lecture by photographer Charlotte Lybeer, exhibition The Furry Adventures of the Cabbit and the Folf, April 2015
7/8 Performance PARRA and band LeLe during Museumnight Rotterdam 2015
8/8 Breakdancer Justen Beer, during the opening of the exhibition 'Keith Haring. The Political Line'

The programme in the Auditorium is just as varied as the exhibitions themselves and includes crossovers between different disciplines. For this programme, the Kunsthal works in collaboration with parties in and outside of Rotterdam, both nationally and internationally, and with well-established names. On this page you can find several appealing examples of Auditorium programmes from previous years.

The Kunsthal Auditorium can also be rented for events and business or other receptions, for example in combination with a visit to one of the exhibitions and the Kunsthal Café.


Sweater auction on account of the exhibition ‘Truien van Loes’, March 2014