From 5 June, the Kunsthal will be open again!

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Families and children can always enjoy themselves at the Kunsthal! The program is constantly adapted to the current exhibitions. At the moment, the exhibition 'We Are Animals' is accompanied by a Kijk&Doe tour and Kijkwijzer until 24 October 2021.

Look & Do Tour (4-7 & 8-12 years)

Take a walk through the 'We Are Animals' exhibition with fun assignments and questions. "When do you think an animal is cute?" and "Which animal would you compare yourself to? Read more about the exhibition here.

Kijkwijzer (12+)

Take the Kijkwijzer - full of assignments - on a surprising journey through the animal kingdom of art. Read more about the exhibition here.

Both are inspiring trips that encourage you to look more closely, ask questions, enter into discussion with each other or make something.


In the KunsthalLAB, everyday, families and children can do their own thing. The assignments have changing themes, related to the exhibitions. Discover and learn, play and experiment, observe and join in! 

The Kunsthal also regularly organizes activities especially for families and children, such as during the school vacations and on the KunsthalFAMILIEdagen. Activities range from workshops, guided tours and storytelling to cooking classes, crafts and music and dance performances. View the current events program here.

1. Paola Pivi, Have you seen me before, 2008, Courtesy the artist and Perrotin_LR.jpg
Paola Pivi, Have you seen me before, 2008, Courtesy the artist and Perrotin