The Unexpected Moment
Titus Simoens

Sept. 12, 2015 – Dec. 6, 2015 This exhibition has ended
From the series Mount Song
Belgian photographer Titus Simoens (1985) has been working since 2011 on a series about boys who undergo a strict regime during their schooldays. He takes the viewer along with him to the IBIS nautical college in Ostend, a Chinese Kung Fu school and a boxing school in Cuba.

The boys lead a school life in which stringent discipline is a way of life. Many years are dedicated to creating a future from which only a few will in fact reap the benefits. 

from the series Blue, See – Mount Song – Los Domadores

Simoens shows us images of those small moments of doubt, camaraderie, loneliness and pleasure in which the students, who all share the same fate, manage to escape the forced obedience for just one moment.
In addition to Simoens's photographs, the exhibition includes snaps taken by the boys themselves using disposable cameras given to them by the photographer.

03 Uit de reeks Los Domadores, 2014 (2).jpg
From the series Los Domadores, 2014


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue entitled ‘Titus Simoens. Blue, See Mount Song Los Domadores'.


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02 Uit de reeks Blue,  See, 2012 (2).jpg
From the series Blue, See, 2012