Aug. 2, 2021

In close collaboration with Amber Vineyard – Mother of the House of Vineyard, the first ballroom house in the Netherlands – Kunsthal Rotterdam will be presenting ‘Deep in Vogue’ this autumn. The exhibition celebrates ballroom culture and provides the context for a subculture that is shaped by and for black and brown queer and trans people. The origins of ballroom culture can be traced back to the New York underground scene of the 1970s. It was first brought to the attention of the general public with the launch of Madonna’s music video ‘Vogue’ in 1990, the same year in which the documentary ‘Paris Is Burning’ premiered. Over the past years, ballroom has returned to mainstream attention, for instance due to the television series Pose, and ballroom events at major festivals around the world.

Visit the exhibition Deep in Vogue. Celebrating Ballroom Culture from Saturday 18 September. Through photography, video installations, and a number of fashion items the exhibition showcases the community, codes, and expressive power of ballroom – focusing on its roots and the continuing need to celebrate each other in a society that so often fails to do so.

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1. Willie Ninja, foto Chantal Regnault.jpg
Legendary voguer Willi Ninja wearing Thierry Mugler body piece, NYC, June 1989, Photo © Chantal Regnault