11 March, 2018 10:00 - 12:45

This spring the Kunsthal will present a unique selection of hyperrealist works by the most important sculptors of the past fifty years. ‘Hyperrealism Sculpture’ features work by the trailblazing American pioneers George Segal, Duane Hanson and John DeAndrea. Their example was followed worldwide by artists like Ron Mueck, Sam Jinks, Evan Penny, Maurizio Cattelan and Paul McCarthy who produce representations of the human body, each from their own perspective. The recognizable and accessible human figures offer an intimate reflection on human nature. Both young and old will undoubtedly be astounded by the convincing reality of some of the human figures.

Artist Tours 

On Sunday 11 March the artists John DeAndrea, Evan Penny and Zharko Basheski will give a special tour of the exhibition ‘Hyperrealism Sculpture’. At 10.00 hrs, before opening time, Friends of the Kunsthal can enjoy a reception with coffee and tea and an exclusive tour by the artists, with an introduction by Kunsthal curator Eva van Diggelen. Become a Friend now! A tour for the Kunsthal general public will start at 12.00 hrs. Registration for the Friends Tour: vrienden@kunsthal.nl Registration for the public tour: reserveren@kunshal.nl 


10.00 - 11.00 hrs  Friends Tour 
12.00 - 12.45 Public tour

Zie ook

11. Evan Penny_Panagiota_Conversation 1-Variation-2-2008.jpg
Evan Penny, Panagiota: Conversation #1, Variation 2, 2008 © Evan Penny Courtesy of the artist
12. Zharko Basheski_Ordinary Man_lithographer.jpg
Zharko Basheski, Ordinary Man, 2009-2010 © Zharko Basheski Courtesy of the artist
13. John De Andrea_Lisa.jpg
John DeAndrea, Lisa, 2016 © John DeAndrea Courtesy of the artist