17 January, 2016

Celebrate the new year at the Kunsthal. Don’t let that cold January weather get to you this year! Come to the Kunsthal and have your photograph taken in The Sweater of 2016 (De Trui van 2016) on Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day (Greenchoice Warme Truiendag). Better still, come along and knit with us! On 17 January, you can learn all the necessary tips and tricks during workshops, talks and the Knittery Noon. And there’s more still: ‘Haring Happen’ with Keith Haring and Schmidt Zeevis, Vodka&Blinis and Soviet Design, and Knitted Fashion from Chanel to Westwood.


11 am to 5 pm
Have your picture taken in The Sweater of 2016 (wear one you have knitted yourself or borrow one of ours). Two fashion photographers and a make-up artist will be there to make sure it’s a great picture.

1 pm
Arno Vlooswijk from the World of Warmth tells about the toolbox with which he regulates the body temperature of people, animals and plants: on shapes, coats and feathers. 

1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Workshop by Carolien Evers, designer of The Sweater of 2016.

3 pm
Ellen Mensink from the Creative City Lab will be giving a presentation on the Wool² initiative in which she tackles the problem of the textile waste mountain by upcycling old sweaters into new.

3.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Workshop by Carolien Evers, designer of the Sweater of 2016.

3 pm to 5 pm
In the KunsthalLAB: Knittery Noon with the Rotterdam company Ja Wol. Bring your own knitting project along and Ja Wol will help you. Or continue knitting for The Sweater of 2016 that you started at the workshop. 

The Sweater of 2016

Kunsthal Shop and terrace open again!
The Kunsthal Shop and the terrace of the Kunsthal Café are open again from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 17.30 hrs. The Kunsthal is currently still closed. Stay tuned.
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