25 October, 2018 - 27 October, 2018

Stimulate your senses in the dream landscape WATERLICHT. As a virtual flood made of LEDs, software and lenses, WATERLICHT inundates the Museumpark to show how high the water could reach without human intervention. At the same time WATERLICHT raises awareness around rising water levels caused by global warming. Experience the power and poetry of water!

The Rotterdam première of WATERLICHT has been specially designed by Daan Roosegaarde for the Museumpark and the Kunsthal. This unique location has a long history with water. The Westzeedijk has protected the area between Gouda, Leiden and Rotterdam from flooding since the 13th century. Furthermore, the underground water catchment in the Museumpark garage is one of the means of limiting water damage in Rotterdam. 

The time and location of WATERLICHT is:

Location: Around the Kunsthal
Time:  20:00 - 23:00 hrs
Price: Free entrance

It is not necessary to sign up or reserve for WATERLICHT.

Studio Roosegaarde’s WATERLICHT is presented in the context of the hallucinatory exhibition ‘Action <> Reaction. 100 years of kinetic art’ in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. The exhibition will be open specially during the WATERLICHT evenings.
For more information go to www.kunsthal.nl/actie-reactie.

The exhibition 'Action <-> Reaction' in the Kunsthal will be open on:

Thursday 25 October 20.00 - 22.00 hrs
Friday 26 October  19:00 - 22:00 hrs
Saturday 27 October 19:00 - 22:00 hrs

Admission for the exhibition 'Action<->Reaction' during WATERLICHT is €9,50. Visitors with discount cards like Museumkaart, BankGiro Loterij VIP-Kaart and Rotterdampas only pay the surcharge of €2,50.


The dream landscape WATERLICHT is best experienced with the least possible ambient light, so the Museumpark is darker than you are used to. You can enter WATERLICHT via the Museumpark on foot or by bicycle (bicycle parking in Museumpark) or by car (parking in the Museumpark car park, Museumpark 32, 3015 CX Rotterdam). 


WATERLICHT is shown around the Kunsthal from 20.00 hrs onwards. Because WATERLICHT is best experienced with the least possible ambient light, the entrance to the Kunsthal is different than you are used to. From the Museum Park you walk right along the Kunsthal and Het Natuurhistorisch, up the stairs to the Westzeedijk. From the Westzeedijk you walk halfway down the ramp to the entrance of the Auditorium. Another access route applies to wheelchair users. Please contact the Kunsthal via receptie@kunsthal.nl  / +31 (0) 10 - 44 00 300.

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Waterlicht by Daan Roosegaarde
Waterlicht, Photo © Daan Roosegaarde
Waterlicht, Photo © Daan Roosegaarde


WATERLICHT is part of the agenda of Rotterdam Festivals. See the complete overview on www.rotterdamfestivals.nl

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