What Happened to the Future
50 Years Poetry International Festival

May 25, 2019 – Aug. 18, 2019 This exhibition has ended

On the occasion of the 50th edition of the Poetry International Festival, the Kunsthal is presenting the exhibition ‘What Happened to the Future?’. In their work, the artists Vera van de Seyp and Yara Veloso explore the boundaries of new media. Especially for this anniversary exhibition, they dived into the Poetry International archives and selected work by poets who once appeared on the festival stage.

For their installation at the Kunsthal, Van de Seyp and Veloso are tying in with the festival theme: ‘What Happened to the Future?’. In this day and age we are constantly exposed to visual stimuli. Because of social media and the internet, images are becoming increasingly important in society. But what are the consequences of this for literature, and how can images and literature enhance each other? In an experimental way, the duo is searching for answers to these questions, using algorithms and contemporary technologies in the process. 

Vera van de Seyp and Yara Veloso, installation shot, 2019

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