May 25, 2021

Two Rotterdam icons join forces! Together with Blijdorp Zoo, the Kunsthal is discovering the world of animals: in contemporary art and as real animals.

Feathered polar bears, a floating elephant and a wild wolf: extraordinary animal creations by contemporary artists will soon be on display in the exhibition We Are Animals at the Kunsthal. But what is the polar bear's life like in the wild? How many muscles are in an elephant's trunk and can it really hang upside down like that? And are there any wolves at Rotterdam Zoo?

We give you a sneak peek of the exhibition through the eyes of Kunsthal curator Eva van Diggelen and Harald Schmidt, head of Plants & Animals at Rotterdam Zoo. Together they look at and talk about animals: in contemporary art and in real life. Watch the mini-series 'We Are (talking about) Animals' here and discover the world of animals in the Kunsthal and Blijdorp in three short episodes (Dutch spoken)!

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