Tickets can be purchased via www.kunsthal.nl/tickets Booking a ticket online, even if you have a Museum Card or Rotterdam Pass, is our strong preference. This way, among other things, we are better prepared for your visit. If this is really not possible for you, please buy your ticket at the Kunsthal's box office at the entrance.

What should I do if I am unable to come on the chosen date after all?

We are sorry that the visit you booked cannot take place. You can rebook your ticket to a later date. E-mail us at tickets@kunsthal.nl so we can handle your request during office hours.


Do cardholders also have to book their free tickets online?

By working with e-tickets we are prepared for your visit. We can also provide you with full information before your visit. Please show your e-ticket at the entrance. 

E-ticket has not arrived

Please check your spam box. If your ticket is not there, send a mail to us at tickets@kunsthal.nl so we can help you during office hours.

TIP: If you use the Windows10 Mail App, the attachment with the e-tickets may not show up. In that case you should check your mail in an internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari).

Can I buy my ticket by phone?

It is not possible to buy tickets by phone. You can book tickets at kunsthal.nl/tickets. If you need assistance, call 010 – 4400300 during office hours.


How does a visit with a Museum Card work? 

When booking an e-ticket, you can order a ticket with the Museum Card. In that case you do not pay anything during the online booking.

And: if you do not already hold a Museum Card and would like to buy one in the Kunsthal, you can do that in the same way. You book a ticket with the Museum Card and purchase the Museum Card when you arrive at the cash desk. Your Museum Card will be immediately valid.

Can you buy the Museum Card in the Kunsthal? 

You can buy the Museum Card at the Kunsthal cash desk. Your Museum Card will be immediately valid for your visit.

Discount codes 

Have you received a discount code from one of our partners? Then use the online ticket shop and buy your ticket at a discount. Fill in the discount code during step 2 of the booking process.


Book your ticket here!

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