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Kunsthal MatchMaker

Through its most recent Kunsthal LIVE collaboration MatchMaker, the Kunsthal is commissioning Rotterdam, cultural trendsetters to develop a performance. These creative MatchMakers will subsequently each select three other makers from various disciplines.

They will jointly develop, produce, and rehearse the performance, a process that is simultaneously followed and captured by a video team to offer the public a glimpse behind the scenes. MatchMaker is an ode to collaboration, to creative makers, to performance art and the creative process – with or without distancing. Creator Ellie Uyttenbroek is in charge of the first edition of Kunsthal MatchMaker.

From the onset, it was clear to Uyttenbroek that the performance had to be centred around TikTok. She believes that this fast-growing, energetic platform will become even more authoritative in the future. Many teenagers of the current generation have become completely intertwined with this medium and are not embarrassed to start performing meme dances in the public space out of nowhere – online as well as offline.

For the performance HYPE HOUSE Uyttenbroek is working with co-creators Joeri Woudstra, director and sound designer, and Pia Canales, casting and research. The writer and poet Marieke Lucas Rijneveld will recite an accompanying poem and, last but not least, 28 young Rotterdam TikTok teenagers will be coached by the dancer Giorgio Lepelblad, of the dance company Scapino’s Young Talent Programme, and feature in a joint performance.

HYPE HOUSE will be performed at the Kunsthal on Saturday 18 July by a 28-people TikTok crew, and will, above all, be filmed, streamed and of course TikTokked. 

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