13 & 14

Sci-Fi Weekend

In April you can spend a whole weekend enjoying the fascinating world of science fiction. Dive into the unknown during a lecture on extra-terrestrial life. Play the greatest science fiction games. Draw your own comic character, immortalise yourself as a cyborg, and join in the Robot Dance workshop!

Take a deep dive into the unknown during Sci-Fi Weekend. On Saturday 13 April the enhancement programme includes a lecture on extra-terrestrial life by Vincent Icke, Professor of Theoretical Astronomy and Cosmology. The Doelen Ensemble will perform Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar Suite, and there will be a focus on the first landing on the Moon, which took place exactly fifty years ago. You can join in Comic Illustration workshops and the presenter, music artist and science fiction writer Ad Visser will put everybody in a trance with his live ‘Brainsession’.

Kunsthal familyday

Sunday 14 April is Kunsthal Family Day. Immortalise yourself as a cyborg and learn with the HipHopHuis how to dance like a robot. You can design your own robot yourself in the Digital Playground MediaLAB. On both Saturday and Sunday you can have great fun with the best science fiction retro and classic videogames in the arcade hall.

The programme will follow shortly on the website.

See also

4 Into the Unknown_LR (2).jpg
Toy robots c.1950-1970, ‘Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown’ Photo credit Tristan Fewings / Getty Images
21. Amazing Stories (April 1926) #1, Agence Martienne, Courtesy coll. Maison d'Ailleurs  Agence Martienne..jpg
Magazine cover Amazing Stories (April 1926) #1, Agence Martienne. Courtesy coll. Maison d'Ailleurs/Agence Martienne
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