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Although the exhibition ‘Magnetic North’ has now ended, it will continue online! Take a tour of Magnetic North together with curator Veerle Driessen or look at the exhibition through the eyes of some special guests. Guest speakers Emy Koopman, Manon Portos Minetti, Bernice Notenboom, and Martina Weinhart share their perspective on Canada and Magnetic North in the different videos.

Video tour of Magnetic North

Discover the Canadian landscapes by the Group of Seven from your own home. In this video, curator Veerle Driessen will take you on a tour of the exhibition Magnetic North, which focuses on Canadian modernist paintings by artists around the Group of Seven. At the heart of the exhibition, audio-visual works by the Algonquin-French artist Caroline Monnet, and the Anishinaabe filmmaker Lisa Jackson offer a critical perspective on the paintings. 

Martina Weinhart  

Martina Weinhart is curator at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, and guest curator of the exhibition Magnetic North. She talks about the process of realising the exhibition, the history of the Group of Seven, and the audio-visual works by the Algonquin-French artist Caroline Monnet, and the Anishinaabe filmmaker Lisa Jackson.


Manon Portos Minetti 

Manon Portos Minetti, art historian, Americanist, and Indigenous activist, talks about subjects like the Indigenous population of Canada, cultural appropriation, and the importance of including the audio-visual works by the Algonquin-French artist Caroline Monnet and the Anishinaabe filmmaker Lisa Jackson in the exhibition. (Trigger warming: in this video subjects like Residential Schools, murder, and rape are discussed).

Emy Koopman

Emy Koopman, writer, journalist, and presenter of the television series ‘Paradijs Canada’, covered the oil industry in Alberta for online media outlet De Correspondent, and explored how Canada is dealing with urgent contemporary themes for the VPRO broadcasting organisation. In this video she talks about her own views on Canada and whether she thinks these are reflected in the exhibition.

Bernice Notenboom 

Bernice Notenboom is, among other things, climate journalist, polar explorer, and filmmaker. She talks about Canadian panoramic views, the fascinating polar landscape, the influence of climate change, and the painted landscapes by the Canadian Group of Seven.


For more explanation about the terminology used in the videos and related terms we would like to refer you to our glossary.

Exhibition partners

The exhibition Magnetic North is also made possible by the National Gallery of Canada, Art Gallery of Ontario, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Singular Plurality, the Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands, Bevordering van Volkskracht Foundation, Elise Mathilde Fund, GoCanada, Gravin van Bylandt Foundation & Van Ommeren de Voogt Foundation.

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