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Prepare the pupils for their visit. Go through the house rules and tell them what to expect. Written guides, treasure hunts and lesson handouts are available on our education page. A good introduction contributes towards a worthwhile visit.

  1. You can pay for the school visit by cash, by PIN card, credit card or using the Cultuurkaart (CJP card).
  2. If you would like to pay with a CJP card, fill in the card number on the registration form.
  3. The same tariff applies for teachers and assistants as for pupils (€2.20) if a single payment is made for the whole group.
  4. No change will be given if paying with a CJP card (e.g. if fewer pupils attend than was planned).
  5. If your group is delayed or unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by calling 010 – 44 00 300 (or 010 44 00 365 outside opening hours).
  6. The maximum group size is 50 pupils.
  7. For every 10 pupils, there must be at least one person to actively assist the group. Make sure there are more assistants for groups of pupils requiring extra attention.
  8. Assistants should remain with the group in order to answer questions and to ensure the visit runs smoothly.
  9. Please do not use telephones in the exhibition areas and switch mobile telephones to silent.
  10. Taking photographs (using a smartphone) is permitted under the conditions listed on our website (see House Rules and Photography).
  11. We expect the pupils to behave properly during the visit; this includes not running, not shouting and not touching or standing too close to the objects.
  12. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the exhibition halls.
  13. The Kunsthal provides clipboards that can be used to lean on when making notes. These will be distributed on the group’s arrival.
  14. Please follow the Kunsthal staff instructions.  

For questions about your visit, please contact the Kunsthal Department of Education and Public on tel. 010 44 00 302 or send an email to 

Would you like to sign up your class for a schoolvisit?

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