10 years of Rotterdam in 100 covers
Uitagenda Rotterdam

Sept. 10, 2017 – Oct. 22, 2017 This exhibition has ended
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Jules Deelder door Lenny Oosterwijk | 100e cover zomer 2017, Charlotte van Alfen (WdKA) | IFFR door Raoul Deleo
With the exhibition ’10 Years of Rotterdam in 100 Covers' the Kunsthal pays tribute to the Uitagenda Rotterdam (Rotterdam Events Calendar), the city's leading, free cultural magazine. In a nutshell, the exhibition will lead you past the rich cultural history of the city from 2007 to the present.

Over the past ten years, new as well as established makers have been creating extraordinary cover designs for the Uitagenda. The International Film Festival Rotterdam’s tiger has graced the cover numerous times, and festivals such as Dunya and the Summer Carnival always make a colourful reappearance on the summer editions. The Grand Départ of the Tour de France in 2010 and 100 years of Feyenoord also proved to be more than cover-worthy. And several remarkable Rotterdam locals, including Jules Deelder, Loes Luca and Joep van Lieshout had their cover photo taken by Silver Camera laureate Lenny Oosterwijk. Over the past years the magazine has evolved into a true platform for illustrators, with controversial designs by Rotterdam illustrators and artists like Eelco van den Berg, Luuk Bode and Sabine ten Lohuis. The magazine also offers ample opportunities for upcoming talent. For its 100th edition, the Uitagenda’s editorial staff collaborated with the Willem de Kooning Academy. Students of the Illustration department competed with each other for the cover. This summer, the winning cover of the Uitagenda’s summer edition will be visible throughout the city.

Image left to right: 100e cover zomer 2017, Charlotte van Alfen (WdKA) | IFFR door Raoul Deleo | Jules Deelder door Lenny Oosterwijk
100e cover zomer 2017, Charlotte van Alfen (WdKA)
IFFR door Raoul Deleo
Jules Deelder door Lenny Oosterwijk