ByeBye Super-8!
Farewell to Kodachrome 40 ASA

Jan. 27, 2011 – Feb. 6, 2011 This exhibition has ended
The termination of the professional processing of Kodachrome 40 ASA, which is undoubtedly the most successful colour reversal film ever manufactured to suit super 8 motion picture cameras, signals the final end of the Kodachrome era. The production of Kodak films, which came in distinctive little yellow boxes, stopped in 2006. Dwayne's Photo, an independent facility in Kansas which nowadays is the only remaining Kodachrome processing facility in the world, will accept the last films only till December 2010.

Through presenting this extraordinary project by film maker Johan Kramer Kunsthal Rotterdam has found a unique way to say goodbye to legendary super-8 film. Kramer managed to get hold of the very last 25 yellow boxes out there and used them to make portraits of 8-year-olds from all over the Netherlands. By doing so he created an unforgettable souvenir of their youth. The films will be processed at the very last moment and will be put on display simultaneously with the International Film Festival Rotterdam that is to take place in the Kunsthal.  Additionally, also other surprising super-8 material  will be presented.

02. Persbeeld_ByeBye super 8.JPG

Moreover, the audience will be offered the unique possibility to have their own super-8 film reels converted to DVD. All in all: a phenomenal ode to the best film material ever!

03. Persbeeld_ByeBye super 8.jpg
Johan Kramer working
03. Persbeeld_ByeBye super 8.jpg
Johan Kramer aan het werk
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