Mire Lee
i wanna be together; open anus

Dec. 18, 2021 – Feb. 20, 2022 This exhibition has ended
In the exhibition ‘i wanna be together; open anus’, the Kunsthal is presenting a site-specific work by the South Korean artist Mire Lee (1988). For the 25th edition of Kunsthal Light she found inspiration in Hentai Manga, Japanese pornographic illustrations.

For Lee the interaction with the materials – for instance tubes, latex, and silicones – is important during the process of creation. She sees this process as a relationship between human being and material that touches on masochism. Physical power, tools, and will power are involved in shaping the sculpture to the wishes of the maker. The material offers resistance: it is a question of bend or break, for both parties concerned.

Mire Lee

The 33-year-old artist Mire Lee lives and works both in Seoul and Amsterdam. In 2021, she earned a bachelor’s degree at the Seoul National University College of Fine Arts. In 2018 she participated in the residency programme of the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. i wanna be together; open anus evolved out of three earlier projects: the sculpture Hysteria, Elegance, Catharsis; the islands (2017), the sculpture and publication i wanna be together (2019), and the previous exhibition i wanna be together (2021).

Kunsthal Light

‘Kunsthal Light’ is the Kunsthal’s talent development programme. Since 2011, this exhibition programme has been especially focusing on young artist who are capable of making 'a grand gesture' in an original and artistic way. Three times a year, the Kunsthal places HALL 6 (the over 25-meter-long display window along the ramp) at the disposal of an artist who is given free rein to make a site-specific work. ‘Kunsthal Light 25' is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.

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