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June 17, 2017 – Aug. 27, 2017 This exhibition has ended
Opening All you can Art 2. Foto: Marco de Swart
All you can Art is back! After the first edition last year, this summer Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao is returning to the Kunsthal for the second time. All you can Art 2 is an exhibition and open studio in which everyone has the opportunity of following the masterapprentice principle to create, learn and discover. The IBB founders and artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha will be in the studio every day together with various social practice artists to work creatively with the public. Works made in the studio will be given a place in the exhibition, making it a sculpture that keeps on growing! Successful formulae of the first edition are back in All you can Art 2, such as the Summer School and Think Tanks. A new feature is the collaboration with three Rotterdam partners so that the Kunsthal and IBB can involve and create bonds with special target groups. The participatory role of the public will play a more important role in this edition too. All you can Art 2 is a follow-up to projects in which the Kunsthal explores new forms of presentation and encourages public participation and the development of talent. Earlier projects include ‘do it [Kunsthal Rotterdam]’, ‘Kunsthal Co-Create’ and ‘All you can Art 1’.

All you can Art 2 takes visitors on a journey through the world of Instituto Buena Bista. Interviews, statements, photographic and film material supply context to IBB as a preliminary training institute and venue for contemporary art on Curaçao. David Bade and Tirzo Martha, former IBB artists in residence Liesbeth Labeur and Rieneke de Vries, and former IBB students Elvis Chen and Roxette Capriles will hold a workshop in the Kunsthal, create new work together with the public and partners, and teach the Summer School students. Both existing work by the artists and the results of the workshop will be presented in the exhibition. An open debate for Think Tanks and pre-master classes will offer the opportunity to discuss engagement, the role of art education and other topics. The conclusions arising from these activities will play a central role in the exhibition and provide guidelines for the further development of All you can Art and IBB. Besides functioning as the All you can Art 2 location, as a cooperation partner the Kunsthal is intensively involved and is committed to continuing the project with IBB in the form of All you can Art 3 in 2018.

Opening All you can Art 2

The exhibition studio will open with a special ‘All can Think Tank’ on the evening of Friday 16 June. Visitors are invited to think about the question: ‘Where does engagement begin and end?’.

All you can Art Summerschool kick-off ,12 juli

Summerschool 2017

Promising young people from all backgrounds and educational levels are invited to enrol for the 2017 All you can Art Summer School. For seven weeks thirty new talents will have the opportunity to develop artistically by acquiring new knowledge and techniques. Here too the master-apprentice model applies. All students experiment, collaborate and debate under the supervision of the artists. Admission to the All you can Art Summer School is on Saturday 13 May 2017. Candidate students are asked to bring along a portfolio and to write a motivation that they can pitch in a few minutes. 

All you can art_logo rond_HR.png

Rotterdam Partners

All you can Art 2 has engaged in no less than three Rotterdam partnerships in order to reach diverse target groups. These collaborative activities with Stichting Laurens (care for the elderly), Het Zuiderpark College (advanced secondary professional education) and Antes (care for addicts) will take place on location and in the Kunsthal. The artists will hold an extra workshop with one of the partners to work for a couple of weeks together with residents, students or patients. This setting can offer scope for the exchange of knowledge, stories, cultures and skills. The Summer School students will also be involved in the artistic process and acquire experience with working in a social context on the various locations.


Instituto Buena Bista (IBB)

The IBB was established in 2006 as a centre for contemporary art on Curaçao run by the artists David Bade (Curaçao, 1970) and Tirzo Martha (Curaçao, 1965). The IBB is a preliminary training institute and venue for contemporary art that scouts young talent on the island, trains them and prepares them for the appropriate follow-up training in the creative field. IBB is located on Curaçao on the site of the active psychiatric institute Klinika Capriles where patients, students, amateurs and artists mingle with one another. The result is incidental or planned forms of cooperation. The IBB also provides four artist in residence studios in which Dutch and international guest artists and film directors teach young artists, carry out their own projects, and – as a condition – always leave a work created on the island for the multi-faceted collection of the IBB. By now some forty young artists who have trained in the centre have commenced a follow-up training course. They owe their admission to the support of the IBB and their strong portfolios.


All you can Art 2016
All you can Art 2016. Summerschool
All you can Art 2016. Bezoek minister Bussemaker
All you can Art
All you can Art 2016. Opening
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