The Amazing Adventures of Jules Verne
The 100th BoekieBoekie

March 19, 2016 – May 29, 2016 This exhibition has ended
This year sees the 25th anniversary of BoekieBoekie, the Dutch literary magazine for children, and a podium for writers, illustrators and children. The presentation of the 100th edition is being celebrated at the Kunsthal with an anniversary issue, exhibition and festive programme.

Anything is possible in a drawing, from taking a trip to the moon, grappling with a giant Kraken journeying to the centre of the earth, to circumnavigating the earth in a hot air balloon. The exhibition presents the most exceptional drawings chosen by a professional and a children’s jury, both from stArt Award, an international illustration competition held by BoekieBoekie. The Kunsthal is offering an accompanying programme of workshops, masterclasses and clinics organised by BoekieBoekie, Winsor & Newton and The Fine Collective for both professional and novice illustrators.

Hundredth edition as a yearbook

The theme of the 100th edition of BoekieBoekie is The Amazing Adventures of Jules Verne. In this issue, four books by Jules Verne are retold in 25 short stories (including comic strips) and poems by well-known writers of children’s books. This edition will not be published as a magazine, but as a 100-page jubilee yearbook. Most of the illustrations have been done by illustrators who have taken part in the stArt Award. Every year, novice illustrators are given the assignment to make illustrations for stories and poems that have been written specifically for BoekieBoekie by eminent writers. The eleventh edition of the stArt Awards attracted over 200 participants from 23 counties! This resulted in a remarkable international collection of drawings.

Special BoekieBoekie programme

In collaboration with Winsor & Newton and The Fine Collective, BoekieBoekie is organising a series of masterclasses and clinics for professional and novice illustrators at the Kunsthal. Participants will be doing illustrations to accompany poems for the new edition of the stArt Award: BoekieBoekie Jungle Book! Every week, the most exceptional entry will be included in the BoekieBoekie exhibition at the Kunsthal.

Masterclasses & Illustration Clinics

On the subsequent Saturdays from 2 PM to 4 PM at the Kunsthal:

Saturday 2 April:

Watercolour techniques by Robert Rost (The Fine Art Collective)

Saturday 9 April:

Illustrating for magazines by Jet Manrho (editor- in-chief for BoekieBoekie) & Zilasaule (children’s book illustrator from Rusland)

Saturday 16 April:

Drawing comic strips by Wouter Tulp (illustrator)

Saturday 30 April:

Sketching with Pigment Markers by Wouter Tulp (illustrator)

Saturday 7 May:

Sketching with Pigment Markers by Jeroen Funke (comic strip illustrator at Lamelos)

For further details, registration and prices: see and Events Kunsthal Rotterdam.

Save the date!

Saturday 19 March 3 PM to 4 PM: StArt Award ceremony 
The winners of the start Award 2016 will be announced during the award ceremony. Work by the winners and the nominees will be revealed by writers and members of the children’s jury in fun fashion after the ceremony.

Saturday 7 May from 2 PM to 5 PM: BoekieBoekie Spectacle
The 25th anniversary will be celebrated on Saturday 7 May with a BoekieBoekie spectacle including performances by writers, poets, musicians and illustrators. The final programme will be announced via the website.

More info

16SA aart-janvenema_Raketschutblad_scan_hku_1.png
Aart-Jan Venema, Raketschutblad

BoekieBoekie 100 and the stArt Award 2016 have been made possible thanks to contributions from The Municipality of Rotterdam, Harten Fonds, Nederlands Letterenfonds (Dutch Foundation for Literature), Stimuleringsfonds, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Winsor & Newton, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and others.


16SA Alexander_Voutchkov_Raket_digi_APA.png
Alexander Voutchkov, Rocket
16SA Kristina-Prokhorova_RocketToTheMoon_big_SaintPeterbergStateAcademyofArdandDesign_RU.png
Kristina Prokhorova, Rocket to the Moon
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