Urban by Nature

May 29, 2014 – Aug. 24, 2014 This exhibition has ended
Today, there are more trees in parks and nurseries than there are in forests. What we call nature is never free of human intervention: whether as small-scale as parks, or as large-scale as the climate. At the same time, we are part of nature. Now that more than 50 percent of the world's inhabitants live in urban conditions, cities have in fact become our natural habitat. Perhaps we are indeed ‘urban by nature.'

The 6th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam,IABR-2014-URBAN BY NATURE-, shows that, now more and more of us live in in huge urban landscapes, city and nature, once considered opposites, are merging. This creates new opportunities. Nature can be deployed for the improvement of our cities to ensure that these will be resilient and livable in the future.

IABR-2014- presents both its own research projects and nearly 100 other projects in six separate exhibitions: five at the Kunsthal and one at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam. Leading designers, companies, organizations, and knowledge institutions from around the world present plans, films, photographs, and models. 


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