Kristof Kintera
Your light is my life

Feb. 28, 2015 – June 7, 2015 This exhibition has ended
Demon of the Growth (detail), 2014
©2015, Krištof Kintera
For the first time in the Netherlands, the Kunsthal Rotterdam is presenting a major solo exhibition by the Czech artist Krištof Kintera. Kintera addresses politically charged issues with his evocative installations full of ironic, almost slapstick-like and sometimes dark humour.

His work is staggeringly imaginative and powerful and subtly provides food for thought. Kintera's sculptures and installations are lifelike, can move and communicate, are dysfunctional and sometimes completely absurd. Visitors to the exhibition become immersed in Kintera's world. It is remarkable experience and an absolute must see!

Provocative, melancholy and poetic

Everyday life and a sense of wonder regarding world issues both great and small are never far removed from Krištof Kintera's work. His provocative, melancholy and poetic work explores the boundaries of contemporary sculpture, examining issues ranging from the crisis, mass consumption, stress and tax, to the darker side of society. 

Staggeringly imaginative and powerful

Kintera creates alternative meanings by depicting absurd possibilities and unrealistic applications. Expressive, colourful and skilfully crafted using a wide range of materials, his sculptures sometimes stir up unexpectedly strong emotions.

07_I see, I see, I see, Kristof Kintera_LR.jpg
Krištof Kintera, I see I see I see, 2009 Installation view Tinguely Museum, Basel, ©2015 Krištof Kintera

Astonishment and alienation

This artist is no newcomer to creating confusion and contrast, and visitors to ‘Your Light is My Life' feel this at once. The exhibition presents work from the past fifteen years including approximately forty sculptures and over twenty-five large scale drawings and sketches, such as ‘Talkmen' (1999-2003), which portrays a group of small scale human beings posing critical questions about the future of mankind, or the visionary grumbling of a crow commenting on the world from the branch of a tree in the work ‘I see, I see, I see' (2009). Together with sculptures like the gigantic ‘Shiva Samurai' (2014), the colourful ‘Demon of the Growth' (2012), the poetic ‘A Prayer for Lost of Arrogance' (2013) and the incredible and frustrating sound in ‘Revolution' (2005), the exhibition presents the freaky world of Krištof Kintera in which astonishment and alienation play a leading role.

10_Kristof Kintera_Public Jukebox_2011-2014_LR.JPG
Public Jukebox, 2011-2014, ©2015 Krištof Kintera

Public Jukebox

Several public works exhibited at other locations also form part of this exhibition (subject to change). The works include, for example, ‘Public Jukebox', in which the power of sound, th ememory of it and its social impact play an important role. For a small fee, anyone can choose a sound and practice using it to affect their surroundings in some way. The playlist is highly diverse and will be kept secret for the time being.



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03B_Revolution (detail), Kristof Kintera_LR.jpg
Revolution (detail), 2005 Electromechanical system, ©2015, Krištof Kintera
Catalogues Kristof Kintera.jpg
Catalogus Kintera
05_My light is your life_Kristof Kintera_Stefan Holenstein_LR.jpg
My light is Your Life (model Shiva Samurai, 5KW/50 HZ)), 2014 Installation view Tinguely Museum, Base, ©2015, Krištof Kintera, photo: Stefan Holenstein
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On 21 June - during Friday Night LIVE - the Kunsthal will be open in the evening.
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