Stefan Hoffmann

Feb. 1, 2014 – May 11, 2014 This exhibition has ended
Artist Stefan Hoffmann uses symbols from everyday life as a basis for his work: vector toilet icons, estate agents’ ‘To Let’ signs, price stickers from adverts, and metro signs. Hoffmann deconstructs the elements, analyses them, and then puts them back together. He displaces them from their original function, creating room for imagination.

For Kunsthal Light #8, Hoffmann gives us his personal take on the renewed signing used in the renovated Kunsthal.  

Kunsthal Light #8

His work gradually evolves into the final shape as a result of the traditional method he uses; he realises his projects on the spot using silk screen printing and transferring the images directly onto the wall.

Kunsthal Light focuses on creating opportunities for talented artists from the Netherlands and beyond to demonstrate new trends in contemporary art. 

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photo Job Janssen