Poetry of a Nation / the Nation of Poetry
Kamp Horst

May 27, 2018 – Aug. 26, 2018 This exhibition has ended
The Kunsthal exhibition ‘Poetry of a Nation / the Nation of Poetry. KAMP HORST’ is taking part in the Poetry + Art Gallery Tour on the occasion of the 49th Poetry International Festival. From 30 May to 2 June Poetry + Art will take you to leading Rotterdam galleries and art institutions for surprising exhibitions at the interface between language and art.

The Rotterdam artists’ collective KAMP HORST is known for its intense paintings with comic-like compositions in which absurd humour and strange combinations of persons, animals and objects dictate the final result. KAMP HORST has adopted the festival theme Poetry of a Nation / the Nation of Poetry for the mural in the Kunsthal. At a time when the emphasis is on what makes a people or a national individual and unique, many regard nationalism as necessary for the preservation of identity. Others, on the other hand, see it as a straitjacket and a sentiment that divides society. In tackling this theme, KAMP HORST creates a world that has points of contact with the real world, but inside jokes and absurdity result in a completely unexpected and stimulating representation. The exhibition 'Poetry of a Nation / the Nation of Poetry. KAMP HORST' can be seen in the Kunsthal Rotterdam until 26 August. 

Seestück 1-9-14 160x180cm.jpg
Armando, Seestück, 2014, on show at Galerie Christian Ouwens

Opening Sunday 27 May at 17:00 hrs

The exhibition ‘Poetry of a Nation / the Nation of Poetry. KAMP HORST’ and the Poetry + Art Gallery Tour will open in the Kunsthal on Sunday 27 May with performances by the festival poets Dolores Dorantes and Safiya Sinclair. The gallery owner Rianne Groen will put searching questions to the KAMP HORST artists, whose work can be seen in the Kunsthal until 26 August. Suzanne Wallinga from A Tale of A Tub and Yin Yin Wong from Publication Studio – on show in Showroom MAMA – will talk about their exhibitions. Mono-Poly will present an adaptation of the Dutch national anthem. If you would like to attend the opening, please apply here.


7th Poetry + Art Gallery Tour (30 May - 2 June)

‘Poetry of a Nation / the Nation of Poetry. KAMP HORST’ is part of the 7th Poetry + Art Gallery Tour, in which more than 20 Rotterdam Galleries and art institutions participate. At various points in the city, the tour shows the work of artists for whom language, words and poetry are an important source of inspiration or form a part of their work. Visitors can criss-cross Rotterdam on their way to language installations, paintings, illustrations, artists’ books and language experiments by established artists and up-and-coming talent. In the galleries the exhibitions are enlivened with readings by poets and performances. So jump on your (hired) bike and explore. Each day of the festival you can choose one of the four routes to at least six exhibitions. A guide shows the way, and festival poets and Spoken Word artists from 010 Says it all will be waiting for you with personalised poetry.

Practical info

Wednesday 30 May – Saturday 2 June from 13:30 to 16:00 hrs
All routes depart every day at 13:30 hrs from Theater Rotterdam in Witte de With.
Price: €5 including bike / € 3,50 without bike. For all the routes, exhibitions and tickets go to www.poetryinternational.nl

Participants Poetry + Art Gallery Tour 2018

Galerie Christian Ouwens
Gallery Untitled
Studio de Bakkerij
Garage Rotterdam
ZERP Galerie
PHOEBUS Rotterdam
Showroom MAMA
Galerie Rianne Groen
Joey Ramone
Galerie Frank Taal
Studio Seine 
A Tale of A Tub
Walgenbach Art & Books
Rib en Galerie Lecq
Kunsthal Rotterdam

Madison_Who Will Survive in America 11_2010_Courtesy ZERP Galerie.jpg
Madison, The Scream (from Who Will Survive America), 2010, on show at ZERP Galerie
Tom Woestenborghs - Galerie Frank Taal.jpg
Tom Woestenborghs, Pincky, 2018, on show at Galerie Frank Taal