The Swan of Rotterdam
20 years Erasmus Bridge

Sept. 3, 2016 – Nov. 20, 2016 This exhibition has ended
The exhibition ‘The Swan of Rotterdam’ portrays 20 years of the ‘Erasmusbrug’ (Erasmus Bridge) – the icon of this city. The exhibition is to be compiled together with the general public using submissions such as valuable photographs, souvenirs, stories and unique Erasmus Bridge objects.

Since its opening 20 years ago, the 139-metre-high steel pylon with its asymmetrical design has attracted much attention both here in the Netherlands and abroad. Since then, the bridge has grown to become the city’s icon; it is a popular spot for photo shoots and sports events, and a source of inspiration for writers and designers.

Jeffrey Philipsen AF.jpg
Tatoeage Erasmusbrug Jeffrey Philipsen © Hilbert Krane
Dasspeld, De Zwaan van Rotterdam. foto: UNStudio