Fri 23 Oct
15:30 - 16:30
#kids #join #draw #shout

See you later, Illustrator! Autumn edition

Attention creative children! Every work of art tells a story. But which story? From now on you can decide that yourself in the Kunsthal. As long as you’re between 6 and 12 years old. In the afternoon of Friday 23 October an illustrator and a poet will work on a story, but it’s not yet clear how it will end. Your help is needed: let your fantasy run riot – shout out and draw together offline and online!


A poet starts to tell  a story and an illustrator immediately begins to draw along with him. Everyone can see what he is drawing; it’s projected live, on a large screen in the Auditorium of the Kunsthal or from home. While the poet tells the story and the illustrator draws, the public can come up with all kinds of things for the story. The coolest, craziest, most beautiful, strangest or creepiest things. You can shout what you have thought of or draw it yourself on a special drawing block.

The result is a story that you have helped to create – and a work of art that would have looked very different without your imagination. See you later, illustrator!


Young, budding artists (and their nice parents/grandparents…)


Please notice! The main language during this event is Dutch. At the end of this page you can find the registration form in Dutch. The price is € 2,50 per child. (Parents/accompanying persons are allowed free of charge).

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