9 July, 2020 15:00 - 17:00

Join the interactive All you can Art DenkTank #1 'Not a luxury, but a necessity' in the Kunsthal on Thursday 9 July from 15.00 - 17.00 hrs. Give your opinion on what role art plays or should play in today's society.

From the twentieth century onwards, art has been developing itself as an experimental, necessary, and invaluable medium. Art makes us think and offers us an opportunity to look at ourselves and the world around us from a different perspective. And yet, art is something that seems to be moving further and further away from a large part of the population. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the added value and role of art in daily life.

Art comes in many shapes and sizes, but the public opinion often focuses on its elitist character: Can we, and should we take advantage of this time of social distancing for a revaluation of art? And how can the connecting power of art play a role in society, especially now?

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2. David Bade op de Afrikaandermarkt, All you can Art, foto Marco De Swart, Kunsthal Rotterdam 2019.JPG
David Bade on the Afrikaandermarkt, All you can Art, Photo Marco De Swart
All you can Art DenkTank 01.JPG
ThinkTank, All you can Art, photo Marco De Swart
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