11 August, 2020 15:00 - 17:00

Join the interactive All you can Art DenkTank #2 'The social heart of Crooswijk' in Kunstruimte Crooswijk on Tuesday 11 August from 15.00 - 17.00 hrs. Give your opinion about the solidarity and identity of the neighbourhood.

Crooswijk is a Rotterdam neighbourhood where a housing vision was introduced; a lot of public housing was either demolished or renovated to make room for owner-occupied homes and higher-end rental properties. Because of this, many of the old residents and shop-owners are forced to leave. Over the past few months, the artist Pris Roos has already been active in the neighbourhood from her base at the Kunstruimte Crooswijk location: “Whenever we talk to the residents, we notice that these people clearly have warm feelings for Crooswijk. They do not want to leave the neighbourhood, but are sceptical about new initiatives, the municipality and each other.”

Fifteen years ago, people were convinced that creatives and artists would be able to contribute to social cohesion and a better business climate and living conditions in some neighbourhoods. Since then, however, this process has sometimes led to negative connotations: ‘Artwashing’ can lead to gentrification. During this thinktank, we will discuss if and how art can be used in a positive way to strengthen the solidarity and identity of a fragmented neighbourhood.

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DenkTank, All you can Art, foto Marco De Swart
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DenkTank, All you can Art, foto Marco De Swart
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