9 July, 2022 12:00 - 4 September, 2022 18:00

This summer brings a lot to see and do for families and children! Pick up the treasure hunt at the ticket desk and explore the Kunsthal. Get to work in the KunsthalLAB and make a mask, inspired by the exhibition about Claude Cahun. Take an audio tour through the exhibition Here We Are with 'Toos Tupperware'. And bring out the artist in you in the Open Studio of All you can Art.

Kunsthal Live op Zondag 17 juli 2022_foto Guus Schoonewille_LR (179).jpg
Tentoonstelling Claude Cahun. Onder de huid. Foto Guus Schoonewille

Make your own mask at the KunsthalLAB

This summer, the KunsthalLAB is dedicated to the exhibition 'Claude Cahun. Under the Skin'. Artist, writer and activist Claude Cahun works a lot with masks and wonders if you can really be yourself or if you always wear a mask. With a mask on you can choose what you do and do not show to the outside world. Go to work yourself and show who you are, or want to be, with or without a mask. More information can be found here

Kunsthal Live op Zondag 10 juli 2022_foto Marco De Swart_LR (113).JPG
All you can Art Open Atelier. Foto Marco De Swart

All you can Art open studio 

In the Open Studio of All you can Art everyone can get to work. So also you! Learn, discover and make art. The exhibition of the Open Ateliers changes every day and grows bigger every time. Bring out the artist in you in the Open Studio of All you can Art. Read more about the different artists here.

Treasure Hunters' Quest

This summer you can find the free treasure hunt at the cash register of the Kunsthal. This treasure hunt takes you on a lightning-fast tour in and around the Kunsthal building, where you will also be exercising your muscles. That's all we're going to tell you, come along and see for yourself!

Kunsthal LIVE OP ZONDAG 21 juli 2019 LR 119.JPG
Schatgravers Speurtocht, foto Marco De Swart

Family audio tour Here We Are! 

Experience together the free family tour of the exhibition 'Here We Are! Women in Design 1900 - Today'. Toos Tupperware, a container with a lid, takes you through the exhibition in eleven fragments. Toos talks about textiles, furniture and clothing, but also about spaceships and inflatable animals. All conceived and designed by female designers. And Toos doesn't just talk, she also loves games. Read more about the tour here.

Kunsthal Live op Zondag 17 juli 2022_foto Guus Schoonewille_LR (50).jpg
Tentoonstelling Here We Are. Foto Guus Schoonewille

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