All you can Art 2021
Studio with IBB

July 10, 2021 – Sept. 5, 2021 This exhibition has ended
Celebrate the imagination and take part in All you can Art. After five successful editions, this intense collaboration between Kunsthal Rotterdam and Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao has become a permanent feature of the cultural landscape of Rotterdam. All you can Art offers everyone –, yes, really everyone – the opportunity to make art, learn and discover together. Along with the artists, you get down to work following the master-apprentice principle. You can really feel the creative energy in the open workshop and the organically growing exhibition in the Kunsthal and with many partners in the city.

Under the inspiring guidance of artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha, the team of artists Roxette Capriles, Liesbeth Labeur, Pris Roos and Gerson Kronstadt will be collaborating with many community initiatives, Rotterdam artists, students, local residents, entrepreneurs and social partners. This year’s regular partners include Reakt, Via Kunst (Nico Adriaans Stichting), Laurens care for the elderly, Zuiderpark College and Experience College (both advanced secondary professional education institutes). The locations function as an open workshop, a place where everyone comes together to make art, inspire one another, discuss and present with one another.


This year once again the Summer School is an important part of All you can Art. A group of creative talents of all ages and from all kinds of (educational) backgrounds will be given the opportunity to develop their artistic potential for six weeks. All students experiment, discuss and collaborate under the guidance of the artists and debate and collaborate on all the locations and with all the partners

Want to join in?

You can take part in All you can Art in lots of ways. As a visitor to the Kunsthal you can plunge into the open workshop and work with artists. If you want to see what is going on with partners in the city, or would like to become a partner yourself with your organisation, let us know at If you want to develop creatively further, enrol for the Summer School. You can also join in the All you can Art Think Tank. You can find more information about this on this website..

Connect with the city 

All you can Art shows the connecting role that art can play in society, especially for all those to whom this connection does not come naturally. The experimental character and the principle that art assumes responsibility vis-à-vis other people and society leads on to the search for possibilities. The artists of All you can Art are top notch when it comes to improvising and devising creative solutions.

All you can Art goes deeper into the city every year. In previous Summer Schools the artists and students have gone to Bloemhof, Hillesluis and Afrikaanderwijk in South Rotterdam, and one summer they were guests of Kunstruimte Crooswijk. This year too the team will go out actively to gain new insights and to make connections between people, art and culture.

Mobile and flexible

The mobility and flexibility of All you can Art lead to unforeseen results and encounters. People from different backgrounds meet and exchange stories and ideas. As a result, a motley group of visitors, senior citizens, homeless, young people, teachers, ex-addicts, students, artists and Summer School students meet in the Kunsthal and much further afield. They work together on various big and small projects and artworks. Follow all the developments this year too on the blog, and take a look at last year’s blog.

Think tanks and other events

All you can Art organises various events both within and outside the walls of the Kunsthal, including a festive launch, the presentation of the Summer School certificates and an exhibition opening. During the Think Tanks there is the opportunity to discuss current issues with one another such as health care, education and the meaning of art for neighbourhoods. Contribute this year again to the special Think Tanks To Go.

All you can Art goes ahead!

All you can Art 2021 will take place from Saturday 10 July to Sunday 5 September in the Kunsthal Rotterdam and on various locations with partners in different quarters of the city. But All you can Art is going ahead! After five summer editions, we are working towards a long-term continuation while maintaining the low-threshold mentality and flexibility of All you can Art.

In the autumn of 2021 we are developing the special project 'Art sleepover' in collaboration with the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), Willem de Kooning Academy and the Pauluskerk, in which the city will of course continue to play a major part. Read more about this project here!

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In the spotlight

In the spotlight

10 July 2021 - 5 September 2021
Read the special stories and encounters of the artists and participants of All you can Art on the blog page!

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