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June 1, 2019 – Sept. 29, 2019 This exhibition has ended
After three successful editions, All you can Art an in-depth collaboration between the Kunsthal Rotterdam and Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), has claimed a permanent place for itself in the cultural landscape of Rotterdam. Under the inspired leadership of artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha, All you can Art will travel into the city with its own locations in Rotterdam-South – in the Feijenoord and Charlois neighbourhoods. Departing from the idea that art has to take its responsibility towards society and our fellow human beings, All you can Art aims to forge connections between people from various backgrounds, institutions, sectors and communities. In 2018, the Kunsthal and All you can Art won the &Award in recognition of an extraordinary project that combines culture, creativity and diversity. All you can Art indeed celebrates the imagination, is easily accessible, never excludes anyone and embraces initiatives by students, (care) partners and the audience, and encourages a wide variety of art forms and creativity in the process.
At All you can Art, everyone gets the chance to participate, to make art together, to learn and to discover!

Het Gemaal op Zuid (Rotterdam-South Pumping Station), Groene Hilledijk and the

In three locations, Het Gemaal op Zuid (Rotterdam-South Pumping Station), 272-274 Groene Hilledijk and on a smaller scale at the Kunsthal, AYCA will actively work on finding new perspectives and forging connections between people, art and culture. The team of IBB artists, consisting of Liesbeth Labeur, Elke Uitentuis, Rieneke de Vries, Elvis Chen, Roxette Capriles and Johanna Franco Zapata, will also be working with numerous neighbourhood initiatives, local artists and new partners – including the community project Wijkatelier op Zuid and the Willem de Kooning Academy – and now familiar partners like Stichting Laurens (geriatric care), the Zuiderpark College (VMBO school) and Antes (addiction care). The locations act as Maker Spaces, places where artists, art academy alumni, students of VMBO schools, Summer School students, clients of Stichting Laurens, Antes, the refugee collective ‘We are here’ and others can come together to make art, inspire and have discussions with each other, and present their work. During this process, there will be a special focus on people who are never, or hardly ever confronted with art in their daily lives. The Summer School will again be an important part of AYCA. In order to capture the different stories, encounters and results, AYCA will also renew its collaboration with OPEN Rotterdam.


Location: Het Gemaal op Zuid, 141 Pretorialaan

During the All you can Art Summer School, more than thirty talented people from different age groups, backgrounds and educational levels will work under the guidance of a variety of inspiring artists for five weeks. By following workshops, clinics and working with the artists according to the master and apprentice principle, the participants will be challenged to further discover their creativity and talents while having a fantastic summer with each other. Among other things, the participants will receive instruction in different techniques, are encouraged to explore certain subjects in greater depth, and work with Kunsthal visitors and partners on various projects. In addition, they will also have time to create their own work and receive feedback.


In a five-part series OPEN Rotterdam follows the artists of All you can Art into the neighbourhoods. In this episode the projects that take place on the Groene Hilledijk are discussed in more detail. Click here for all episodes.

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