All you can Art 4
Studio with IBB

June 1, 2019 – Sept. 29, 2019
The Kunsthal Rotterdam has already organised All you can Art with David Bade and Tirzo Martha, the founders of the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao, and their team for three years in succession. All you can Art is a studio, exhibition and Summer School all in one, in which everyone – with no exception – has the opportunity of collaborating, making art, learning and discovering.

All you can Art is coming back to the Kunsthal again in 2019, but this time its presence will be even stronger in the city of Rotterdam. All you can Art 4 will be present on a smaller scale in the Kunsthal, but is also extending its range with a site of its own in Rotterdam-Zuid. All you can Art will be active on two locations, Het Gemaal op Zuid and Groene Hilledijk 272-274, to gain new insights and forge new links between people, art and culture. Of course, it will  be collaborating with its regular partners Zuiderpark College, Antes and Stichting Laurens, joined this time by an enthusiastic new partner, the Willem de Kooning Academy.

By now 'All you can Art' has become a permanent part of the cultural landscape of Rotterdam, as well as of the memories and expectations of the hundreds of participants, visitors and astonished local residents who have taken part in previous editions of All you can Art.

Het Gemaal

With their studio in Het Gemaal, artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha, former Artists in residence Liesbeth Labeur, Elke Uitentuis and Rieneke de Vries, and IBB graduates Elvis Chen, Roxette Capriles and Johanna Franco Zapata will use it as a base to reach out to the neighbourhood, artists and collectives who are already working there, and partners such as Wijkatelier op Zuid. The Summer School, for which the admissions procedure has already begun, will also be mainly held there.

The artists will actively try to form links with social initiatives, community and religious organisations and influencers. They will explore what is happening in the neighbourhoods where All you can Art lands and reflect on it with site-specific artworks created together with local residents, associations, groups or institutions.

In the Kunsthal

The Kunsthal will cover the context of All you can Art and host debates during Think Tanks, Summer School theory lessors and discussions with the public on engagement and the role of art education. The artists will work on autonomous work in a smaller studio than in previous years, while visitors and Summer School students can join in the action.

The works produced there will be exhibited as a sculpture that grows and develops. The results from Het Gemaal, the various studios held with partners and the different forms of collaboration will also be shown in the Kunsthal.


During the six Sundays of Kunsthal LIVE ON SUNDAY the SRV truck, converted into a studio, will be on the spot to make art following the All you can Art recipe in a Caribbean atmosphere. This special programme brings people together and into contact with one another, and builds new links between people and beautiful memories through art, creativity and talent development. All you can Art!

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All you can Art 3, 2018, photo Fred Ernst